Bokrecension: Here I lie and bleed

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Author:  Jenny JĂ€gerfeld
Genre: Youth book
Number of pages: 250
Action: 17-year-old Maja is quite normal really. She has short black hair and dresses black and a little differently, but she is no one who hurts herself. Her father gets very worried when she accidentally cuts off the top piece of her thumb, but Maja assures him that there is no danger.
Maja is more worried about her mother. When Maja goes to see her over the weekend, she’s not home. No note, no call or anything.
Maja strikes again and again, but everything is just a mistake. When she runs over to the neighbors in a panic to get help to pick up a stick in her foot, she ends up in the middle of a party among a lot of 20+ people. She gets to know Justin who is not named Justin and he changes everything for her.

This is a pretty entertaining book. Maja is a language perfectionist and uses some slightly more difficult words and expressions. She’s sometimes so serious that it’s fun. So a big plus for the language!
I also like Maja as a character. She’s entertaining. She regularly checks her dad’s emails and Facebook and she is very impulsive. I absolutely love when she writes ” I CAN VERBALIZE MY ANXIETY! â€ On her teacher’s bloody T-shirt. Or when she suddenly cuts off her entire fringe.
The book is not that long, normally thick, but it is light and floats so that you can almost read stretch.

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